Hendra Healthworks Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Healthworks Fitness Hendra. Prior to signing this Healthworks Membership Agreement please take time to read the following terms and conditions of your membership. Please sign the membership agreement if you understand and agree with these conditions and obligations. The information outlined in these terms and conditions can and will be used in the event of a discrepancy. By signing the agreement you are agreeing to have been given a copy of this agreement and to abide by the rules of the membership. You also acknowledge and agree that you are medically sound to undertake a normal course of exercise and that you use the clubs facilities at your sole risk and responsibility and you are aware that exercise is physically demanding and participation in some activities may pose a risk to your health. If at any time in the future after this agreement has been signed, your health situation changes or you believe there is a risk to your health by participating in a fitness activity offered by Healthworks Fitness Hendra, you must inform the club manager in writing of such conditions/risk.

Healthworks Rules of Use

Membership Card;

All members will receive a membership card upon joining. This card (or alternately photo identification) must be accessible at every visit to the club and scanned at reception prior to use, for security and insurance purposes. Card replacement cost is $5.00. All non members or casual visitors to the club are required to present photo identification and sign our guest register.

Dress Code;

Clean, fully enclosed sports shoes must be worn during exercise for safety reasons.Work boots are not permitted. Members are required to wear a singlet or tee shirt at all times within the health club and on the tennis courts. Appropriate swim wear must be worn whilst swimming or using the Sauna or Steam room. Clean, non marking, fully enclosed, sport shoes must be worn on tennis courts. Black sole shoes are not permitted.


For hygienic reasons, use of a towel when exercising at Healthworks, is compulsory. Sharing of the same towel between two or more person is not permitted. Towels are available for hire at reception for $3.50. Those who refuse to use a towel will not be permitted to exercise.


For convenience, lockers are available for your use, free of charge. However, we ask that you keep your valuable items on you or in a pigeon hole at reception while exercising as neither Healthworks staff nor Healthworks contractors are responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. Locker keys are available at reception. To hire a locker, you must swap your membership card or photo ID as a form of collateral. Damage or loss of a locker key will incur a $25 charge. Under no circumstance are locker keys kept on a permanent basis. Any belongings left in lockers after the gym has closed, will be removed without notice and added to lost property, which can be claimed at reception. Lost property is held for a maximum of 14 days, after which any items that remained unclaimed, will be donated to harity


Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted in any area of Healthworks, other than Crèche, within Crèche operating hours and as per Crèche policy. Members children, under the age of 14 years, may, when supervised by a parent or legal guardian, play tennis and use the swimming pool as long as the parent or legal guardian remains with them at all times and payment of entry is made prior to accessing the facility. Due to legal reasons, Members are only permitted to bring their own children to the facility.


Crèche Facilities are available at Healthworks Hendra and additional charge may apply. All details as well as crèche rules and regulations are available at the Crèche. Crèche Facilities are only available to members children and parents or guardians must be on site whilst children are in the Crèche.

Pool Use;

Normal pool safety rules apply (i.e. No running, jumping, or bomb diving etc.). Full details are displayed on club’s pool deck.

All patrons are expected to;

You are expressly and emphatically restricted from all of the following:

  • Respect each others privacy
  • Return all equipment to its place of storage. This includes unloading weight plates from machines and bars and returning weights and bars back to their racks. This also applies to any equipment you may use throughout a Group Fitness class such as bands, steps, mats, pump bars etc. To avoid dropping or throwing free weights after an exercise set and only using free weights in the allocated area of your club.
  • Under no circumstances will unruly, intimidating, or disrespectful behaviour to other members be tolerated. This includes excessive noise exertion while exercising.
  • Obey all notices displayed in the centre.

Abide by the policies and etiquette of Healthworks Hendra


  • The client must notify Healthworks in writing, by way of suspension form, within 72 hours before the proposed suspension period commences; and
  • The client must pay the applicable suspension fee ($20 per month) at the time of notification and before suspension period commences.
  • A maximum of 3 months suspension is allowed during any 12 month membership period, you may suspend it for maximum of 3 months in any 12 month period at a fee of $20 per month.
  • Suspension arising from illness or incapacity to exercise is offered at no charge to the member, providing a medical certificate detailing the specific dates of illness or incapacity is surrendered.

Transfer of Membership;

  • Your membership is transferable for a fee of $50 to An existing member. (PIF Members Only).
  • A non member; or Another participating Healthworks Fitness Centre Member.

Rollover Agreement;

  • A Rollover agreement represents a membership agreement that has an initial term;
  • And continues after the end of initial term.
  • And ends only if and when the client terminates the membership agreement in writing and by way of a cancellation form, completed at the facility.


Termination of Contract;

Termination During Cooling off Period;

In Accordance with QLD Fair Trading (Health and Fitness Industry Code of Practice) you membership is subject to a 48 hour cooling of period and may be terminated when Healthworks receives a written request to terminate the membership within 48 hours of signing the membership agreement.

  1. Healthworks will refund to the client the fees paid by the client to Healthworks less a $75 fee to cover administration costs.
  2. Healthworks may request an additional payment to recover costs in relation to any fitness services provided to the member within this period.


Termination Outside Cooling off Period

Healthworks requires written request to cancel a membership by way of Cancellation Form. This form must be completed at the facility with all signatures witnessed by an authorised staff member (Cancellation Forms cannot be emailed, posted or accepted via phone). For those unable to attend the facility for whatever reason, a nominated representative may attend the facility bearing written authorisation from the member wishing to cancel. 30 days notice period applies on all direct debit memberships if the agreement is outside of the contracted minimum term. Access to use of the facilities remains available during the notice period; If cancellation is within the minimum term, the member is required to pay out the remainder of the contracted amount. Membership transfers or set to term options are also available for members wishing to cancel within contracted term.

Termination Because of Sickness or Physical Incapacity;

  1. A client may terminate a membership agreement with Healthworks if the client cannot use the fitness service supplied under the agreement because of the clients permanent sickness or physical incapacity

The client terminates the agreement by:

  • Providing a written request by way of Cancellation Form; and
  •  A medical certificate stating that the client cannot use the fitness service because of the clients permanent sickness or incapacity.

2. Healthworks will refund the proportion of the fess paid by the client representing the unused part of the agreement less –

  • $75 fee to cover administration costs.
  • Healthworks may request an additional payment to recover costs in relation to any fitness services provided to the member within this period.

Breach of Agreement;.

Healthworks reserves the right to terminate this agreement without refund or relief from payment outstanding if your behaviour, conduct, dress or use of equipment and services is reasonably considered by the supplier to be in breach of this agreement.

Reciprocal Policy.

Healthworks Hendra members may use any other Healthworks facility free of charge, on occasional use, which is deemed no more than one visit per week. Other Healthworks members, may use Healthworks Hendra facilities for a $5 fee, on occasional use, no more than one visit per week. Healthworks on the River members may use Healthworks Hendra facilities, free of charge, on occasional use, no more than one visit per week.